Statement regarding the Annual General Meeting (AGM):

To the CSSPE Community,

I want to thank you all for your support of the CSSPE both this year and every year.

Our Executive Committee has met and decided not to hold an AGM this year. Normally we hold our AGM at the annual conference. In the past, this meant our AGM was accessible to members. The situation has, as we all know, changed. We cancelled our annual conference, and after discussion, we have also cancelled the AGM. COVID has presented us with new challenges for our association, but also new opportunities. Rest assured, the Executive Committee is working on how to connect our community both at future in-person conferences, when they resume, as well as through new online options. In these times, we feel that it is as vital as ever to continue asking how we can behave ethically and what that means even as we navigate these new waters.

Stay safe everyone,

Melany Banks
Current President, Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics

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