Each year, the CSSPE/SCEEA hosts a conference in conjunction with the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The Congress is a unique academic event. Since 1930, it has brought together associations and societies from a wide variety of academic disciplines under one umbrella. The Congress meets annually on a Canadian university campus and the CSSPE/SCEEA has been a member of the Congress since 1987.

In keeping with the wide mandate of the Congress, the CSSPE/SCEEA is interested in practical ethics broadly construed. The following papers were presented at some of the recent conferences of the CSSPE/SCEEA. The editors have ordered them according to loose affinites but the reader is free to peruse them in any manner deemed appropriate.

It is our hope that readers will find these papers refreshing in the perspectives that they bring to practical ethics. Representing the work of philosophers, historians, and social scientists, they cover a range of topics and ideas one is not likely to encounter at more specialized conferences in practical ethics.