The Canadian Journal of Practical Philosophy (CJPP) is an on-line, open access publication. It was founded by Philip MacEwen (York University) and Sandra Tomsons (Research Affiliate, University of Winnipeg) in 2017 and is published by the University of Windsor through its Leddy Library on-line, open access publishing unit.

Like the Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics/Société canadienne pour l’étude de l’éthique appliquée (CSSPE/SCEEA), which has always encouraged participation from critical thinkers at large and with which the CJPP has historically been associated, the CJPP seeks submissions from across the curriculum. Also solicited are contributions from those working on foundational epistemological and metaphysical/ontological questions in their disciplines, the answers to which are presupposed, but seldom addressed, by their disciplines. The goal of the CJPP is to become the journal of choice of researchers (faculty and graduate students) and practical decision makers when seeking information and critical commentary on issues of concern.

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